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Turn plan into execution with modern .NET development technologies
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What We Offer

We design, modernise and recreate enterprise-class applications helping our clients transform their business. Check out our .NET development services below:

.NET Enterprise Application Development
.NET Web Development
Mobile Development Using .NET
Microservices in .NET
.NET Cloud Development

If you're looking for a solution that can offer great flexibility for future growth, .NET is your best choice. 75% of all enterprise applications run on the .NET application development platform.

Reusable components in .NET translate into less time and less cost to develop applications. We provide cost-effective .NET software development for multiple enterprise use cases.

Web development using ASP.NET is the ultimate choice for building feature-rich web applications.

With advanced ASP.NET development tools and out-of-the-box elements, we can create a state of the art secure web app. We provide ASP.NET web development for dynamic web pages, interactive web services, and robust data-driven web applications.

"Write once and run everywhere" is the demand of the majority of our clients. Microsoft's Xamarin is one of the best tools for building cross-platform applications.

We also use other frameworks like Ionic and React Native depending on your business needs. Your mobile app will offer a native look and feel and perform great on both iOS and Android platforms.

Microservices is a perfect architectural solution for large enterprise projects, where performance and the ability to scale quickly are crucial.

We develop microservices using .NET Core which supports cross-platform runtime allowing you to run your microservices on any platform. .NET is built to work with Docker, which reduces your IT costs by 50%.

Most of our clients decide to migrate to the cloud because of the high cost of on-premises application support. Cloud is less costly and more efficient.

Our .NET cloud development and migration process include planning, execution, and testing. We use Azure and Google Cloud Platform so you could scale easily when needed.

Modernising Existing .NET Applications

Our .NET modernisation projects may include .NET Core transitioning, splitting the monolith architecture into microservices, transforming .NET based apps to modern cloud-based solutions, or redeveloping software from scratch. We make your application more scalable, more adaptable to change, more tolerant of failure, and more manageable.

Splitting the monolith architecture
into microservices

Transforming .NET based apps to
modern cloud-based solutions

Redeveloping software
from scratch

Our .NET Expertise

When you outsource .NET development to A-dev, you get access to our full-stack .NET developers with up to 12 years of experience. Get a quick overview of our industry-specific expertise and applications developed on the .NET framework below:

By Solution


We've built a custom CRM that helps our clients serve thousands of people simultaneously and turn them into leads.


ERP solutions we developed to support real-time decision making and allow our clients to keep their business processes in control.

Business Management

We developed property portals that enable thousands of people to monitor accommodations and pay instantly online.


Accounting software allowed our clients to manage finances properly and keep accounting records in order.

Central Reservation System

Central Reservation System helps hotels manage information about their guests' reservations to better satisfy their needs.


With custom warehouse management software, our clients increased their supply chain agility and reduced costs.

By Industry


Our custom healthcare solutions streamline hospital workflow and change people's behaviours, thus improving health outcomes.


We have expertise in developing transport management, inventory control, and workflow management software.

Travel and Hospitality

Our solutions simplify order management for travel agencies and allow tourists to plan activities and monitor accommodations.


We have expertise in building financial management software and online payment systems for financial institutions and fintech startups.

Real Estate

We've helped our clients built custom real estate solutions for property management and client relationship management.


School administration software, apps for remote learning, training portals are the types of solutions we developed.


We've built custom ecommerce websites with multi-channel commerce possibilities and responsive mobile apps for retail companies.

Our Recent .NET Projects

Our projects are the best demonstration of our expertise in .NET Agile development. Learn more about our work by downloading the case studies below:



Mobile app development with .NET allowing build a reliable social network.



Web-based application development on .NET to provide a wide set of in-app features.

We Provide Custom .NET Application Development for All Platforms

One of the biggest benefits of .NET is that it supports multiple platforms. From web to mobile to desktop and cloud, we develop .NET applications for all platforms:











Why Choose .NET Framework for Your Project

Easy to Maintain Building the same codebase for multiple operating systems reduces the costs ofsupport and maintenance. Cross-platform Applications developed using free and open-source .NET Core run on macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.Scalable Using ASP. NET application development tools we build scalable web applications that handle load of millions of visitors a day. Cost-saving If you are already using Microsoft products, opting for the .NET-powered solution will minimise your expenditures. Reliable Microsoft – the world leader in software – is actively supporting .NET, which will continue to evolve for many years. Secure The .NET platform provides a highly secure environment allowing .NET developers to easily write secure code.

Our Technology Stack




.NET Core

ado.net ado.net


asp.net asp.net


sql-server sql-server

MS SQL Server

mysql mysql


mongodb mongodb


wpf-desktop wpf-desktop

WPF desktop

azure azure

Microsoft Azure

google-cloud google-cloud

Google Cloud Platform

amazon amazon

Amazon Web Services



xamarin xamarin


react-native react-native

React Native

angular angular


ionic ionic


Start Your Project With A-dev

Our .NET and ASP.NET developers have a track record of building scalable software for multiple organisations around the globe. With all that knowledge and experience we gained being exposed to a vast array of software solutions and technical challenges, we offer you a far more cost-effective solution than you ever had before.

Located in Ukraine, our .NET developer hourly rate is 30% lower than that in Europe and North America. 30% Cost-SavingFounded in 2012, we have a strong team in-house. To date, we have built more than 300 applications using .NET.300 Projects BuiltThe time difference isn't a problem. We aren't shackled to a 9-to-5 workday and adjust our work hours to your schedule. Flexible Work HoursYou have full transparency on our day to day operations so you won't even feel like we're in another country.Daily Status UpdatesWe start a project only a day after all the formalities are taken care of. Your deadlines are very important to us.1 Day to Start a ProjectOur projects last from six months to three years. We have long-term relationships with our clients.1-year Average Engagement Length

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