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Our company provides custom software development services which help our clients to achieve greatest potential for their businesses. We design solutions to facilitate the process of managing companies, to provide a stable and consistent work, as well as to effectively solve arising problems by:

  • obtaining data on the effectiveness of the business
  • quickly making critical decisions
  • adapting to business changes

We Serve

We are ready to assist and make a contribution to each business, whether it is a small start-up, worldwide e-shop or government institution. After detailed negotiations with a client, our team offers solutions to perfectly suit business needs.

Digital Design

Our Expertise

Scheduling and Planning
Resource Management
Risk Assessment
  • Multiplatform Business Organisers
  • Simple To-do Managers
  • Appointment Calendar Software
  • Enterprise Management System (EMS)
  • Project Planning Software
  • Production Schedule Software
  • Team Management Software (TMS)
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) System
  • Remote Employees Management System
  • Social Collaboration Software (SCS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  • Employees Onboarding Software
  • Business Process Control System
  • Internal Controls Management Software
  • Risk Analysis Software
  • Risk Management System
  • Variance and Trend Analysis
  • Reserve Analysis
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Business Reporting Software
  • Centralised Data Storage
  • Cloud-Based Document Creation Platform
  • Software for Managing Requirements
  • Documents Database

Key Features

Applied features may vary from basic to specific, as necessary to achieve individual goals. Custom features will set the vector of business development and simplify processes within the company. As a result, for a certain period of time, employees will be able to perform more work duties, thus bringing more profit to the business.

  • Critical Heat-Maps
  • Risks Tracking Progress
  • Email-Based Notifications
  • Graphical Process Modeling
  • Financial Dashboards
  • Access Control Based
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Customisable Reports

This tool is used to visualise the results of the risk assessment process progressively, from less considerable to more considerable. The less relevant risks are displayed on a map with green colours and the most relevant with red.

Allows businesses to assess the increase or decrease of potential risk, as well as see the emergence of new risks. Risk identification in the initial stages reduces the cost of eliminating it at a later date.

With the help of this tool, a user will receive short notifications by email after performing certain actions. You can adjust which actions trigger the notifications, according to the goals of the messages;

A digital tool that is necessary for creating and modifying the business processes of enterprise, in the form of graphs. This feature visualises your current business processes and helps to show which of them should be improved.

Management tool for tracking necessary financial indicators, and their subsequent analysis. With this tool, you can easily compare the important metrics, providing you with a quick overview of the current financial state of the enterprise.

This feature is necessary to provide employees with access rights to only the information they need to perform their jobs. To get access to additional information, users need permission from other user-roles, which ensures more secure data management;

Cloud hosting ensures high website availability and disaster recovery. You can easily extract resources from different places, so it is a great decision for businesses that need flexibility.

For the creation of reports, in which only necessary metrics, data and their explanations are considered. If you have massive volumes of data, this tool will provide you with simplified results, or only data related to the metrics you have selected.

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