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There are a lot of moving parts in a business. Oftentimes the project might be so complicated it becomes hard to keep track of all details, let alone explain them to a development team.

You won’t have to do that with our custom software development company.

In the past 12 years, A-Development has delivered 300+ successful projects across 13+ industries. We’ve seen what makes good proptech apps, efficient healthcare systems, and software that turns first-time customers into regulars in the hospitality sector.

Get the max out of our expertise to shine in your industry.

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Bikesimizer was a successful startup. The industry ratio of successful startups is just 21%, and Bikesimizer is one of the rare startups that achieved this success.

"On behalf of Bikesimizer team let me thank you for all the great work you have contributed to our product. We enjoy the cooperation and wish you all the best! Looking forward for more help from your team."

Andrei Yazik

COO, Bikesimizer DWC-L.L.C.


Patronim is a mobile and web app created for a Tel-Aviv based company to ensure a high level of property cleanliness for managers working on the Airbnb platform and other private property managers.

"We gave them a software product with a complex stack that no one could understand. They were able to grasp the nuances of the product, including some finance-specific features that few coders would know how to tackle. I’ve been unable to accurately explain the details of our ERP, and the success of this project is entirely a result of A-dev’s skills and knowledge. We didn’t provide any documentation or guidance. Passing a software product onto a new development team is typically difficult, but they’ve handled it well.

Clients should be willing to work closely with A-dev. This team has acquired knowledge about a variety of different industries, and this sets them apart from most freelancers. Also, try to initiate your project with A-dev. The whole process would have been much easier if we had started with them."

Khaleel Musleh

Director, Apexum

Cash League

"A-dev did a decent job of building out the app considering the lack of frontend development they had to work with. Although the project needs additional funding to be completed, it's actively being used. Their team was also very responsive, accessible, and collaborative throughout the process."

Danny Lia

CEO, Cash League of America LLC

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Since 2012, we’ve seen our clients’ products grow, attract and retain customers, and hit millions of users, eventually becoming real superstars in their industries

We strive to provide outstanding user experience across all our solutions and put in extra work and effort to achieve our clients’ key metrics.

Because their success is our success.

This is not just a counter of hours. It’s a journey our engineers have taken to grow.

From a junior to a middle. From a middle to a senior. All while applying their skills and shooting any trouble on hundreds of projects.

A-Development is proud of the quality of developers we have. They are the ones that stay with you for the long haul and are not afraid to get their hands dirty even on the most challenging projects.

No markup fees like those middleman agencies usually charge. No more hiring and training loops. You work directly with our top tech talent that smoothly integrates with your in-house team.

Our clients save thousands by outsourcing development without compromising quality.

It's outsourcing that feels like a partnership, where we're a natural extension of your team.

We’ve seen our clients leverage outsourced/remote development for their growth.

They pivot. Their teams scale. Their products attract millions in investments. Their organization structure changes.

This is something that inspires us to move forward and work even harder to reach new heights for our clients.

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Our web development company is proud to contribute to our clients' business success
by providing excellent software development services!

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