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The website about biologically active additives for attracting new customers


LifePharm is a website established for a US entrepreneur that allows people to obtain valuable information about biologically active additives. All relevant information about the company and products are available for everyone to view on the website.

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The Story Behind

Our client believes it is necessary to take care of health and that it is crucial not to neglect it. They decided to create a business in this field and provide people with nutritional, skincare, and health-supporting products.

The essential promotion sources were developed in social networks. Nevertheless, the company understood that they needed their own attractive website, which will be not only magnificent but also easy to manage.


The client spent a huge amount of money supporting the site, but it was inefficient and looked unpresentable. People were not interested in the site, and as a result, it did not bring the expected sales.

The site was not appealing for customers and the purpose of our work was to update the website by changing the visualisation, according to mock-ups of the site provided by the client, to attract new customers and build strong relationships with them. workover the course of the project we changed some further details for better results.

For Those who Want Health
For Those who Want Health
For Those who Want Health

There was no way to manage content on the website, so our client couldn't add, edit, or change all the information. Our goal was to create an admin panel for successful site management.

After we discussed all the ssues and requirements with the client, the following goals, that played a key role during all work, were set on the team:

  • Establishing an adaptive well-designed website with valuable content;
  • Creating an admin panel for convenient site management.

Scope of Work

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Frontend Developer
  • 1 Part-time QA Engineer
  • 1 Backend Developer
hours ofdevelopment1400

Design Issue

To attract new customers, the updated website was supposed to combine a thought-out interface with useful features that would allow people to find relevant information quickly.

Our team started to modify the website according to mock-ups. Occasionally, we changed some details in the prototype at the request of the client. In addition, the team suggested implementing an integrated colour solution and internal site navigation, which ensured that the website design was be fully consistent.

For Those who Want Health

How to Manage Effectively

We needed to create a user-friendly admin panel. First, we decided to split information into topic categories, to put the content in the right order. This step offered the opportunity to precisely manage site information by sections. We highlighted the main categories that played a crucial role in site management and customised this on the admin panel home page. More categories were implemented in the advanced settings menu on the left sidebar.

The admin panel allows users to see the website structure, enabling them to use these features for easy navigation. Our team implemented several key features including:

  • An opportunity to set goods permissions, such as hiding goods for a particular period;
  • Translating the website into different languages and the ability to add or remove languages;
  • Blog editing - users can add, change or remove thematic articles, categories and subcategories. Also, it is possible to divide articles into categories and have the ability to plan the publication date;
  • Users have the opportunity to leave feedback;
  • The possibility to add new users to manage the site.
Pixel Perfect Issue
Pixel Perfect Issue

Pixel Perfect Issue

Our team used the pixel-perfect technique for perfect mock-up visualisation. We had to create the site according to the client’s template, so such an approach gave the opportunity ensure that our work was completed correctly. We checked all the site elements and paid attention to pixels when resizing objects, to prevent blurring.

It was a crucial step to make the website cross-compatible for different browsers. Our developers created a responsive design that can adapt to various screen sizes.
Finally, we conducted work to test this flexible layout and pixel perfect display for a flawless result.

LifePharm Architecture

Client SidejQueryJavaScriptHtmlCSSSASSExternal ServicesInstagram APIServer SideASP.NET Core 2.2MVS













Our team has done a great job of modifying the website as our client required. We provided necessary features to the site that enhanced its attractiveness and helped to appeal to new customers. The team has created an up-to-date cross-browser compatible website.

As a result, our client received an eye-catching and fully optimised, easy to use website with a thought-out interface. In the first three days after the site updated, it brought in new clients, the number of which continues to grow.

After the client launched the new version of the site, the average session duration on the page and redirection to cart for goods purchases more than doubled. The Lifepharm website has become a starting point for customers who had intentions to buy products from our client.

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