Streamline learning processes by combining education standards and technology solutions


We provide engaging and interactive education technology solutions to simplify the learning process. Our technology solutions open the borders of learning and deliver education to anyone, anywhere, on any device by:

  • facilitating interaction between teacher and student
  • minimising barriers to remote learning
  • growing your education processes competently

We Serve

We work with a wide variety of educational organisations and provide the development of eLearning training solutions that accelerate educational processes and boost user’ engagement.

Training Centres
Education Consultants

Our Expertise

Manage Educational Process
Provide Digital Learning
Control Student Data
Streamline Workflow
  • School Management Systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Examination Management Systems
  • Online Assessment Platforms
  • Customised Education Systems
  • Self-learning Management Systems
  • Training Portals
  • Virtual Classroom Software
  • Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
  • Educational Apps
  • Corporate eLearning Solutions
  • Digital Library and Video Integration
  • SIS Portals
  • Learning Experience Platform
  • Attendance Management Systems
  • School Administration Software
  • Gradebook Software
  • Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)
  • Workforce Management (WFM) Software
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) Software
  • eLearning Gamification Software
  • Onboarding and Mentoring Solutions

Key Features

Our team assists educational institutes in delivering engaging and interactive digital education solutions using the most advanced features.

  • Gamification Management
  • Video Conferencing
  • Interactive Discussions
  • mLearning
  • Virtual Classes
  • Motivation Triggers
  • Learning Dashboards
  • Online Gradebooks

This feature allows us to incorporate game mechanics into every aspect of the eLearning course, to engage and motivate online learners. Progress bars, leader boards, in-app currency, achievements, and so on, can help in the learning that occurs through immersive experiences.

Video conferencing and live streaming allow people in separate locations to connect in real-time to create a virtual classroom. This feature brings the opportunity to discover the whole world right from the classroom.

Peer support provides educators with a learning tool to enhance instruction for students. It also provides opportunities for a teachers to turn to the students for assistance in learning, clarifying directions and social reminders without any disruption to the lesson cycle.

mLearning features provide easy access to learning at a time and place convenient for students and employees. Key features of mLearning are spaced repetition, peer, social and responsive learning, etc.

Online virtual classrooms help remote instructors, facilitators, and teachers engage their students effectively online. It features real-time audio and video, an easy-to-use interface, and a set of collaborative tools to help educators transform distracted viewers into active learners.

This feature can provide continual motivation and a sense of the learner’s progress. This is done by creating relevant and diversified tests for each lesson to provide students with a sense of completion and evaluation of their work.

Dashboards aim to capture and visualise traces of learning activities and to support communication between learners and teachers. It enables learners to define goals, promote awareness and track progress toward these goals.

Online gradebooks can offer students a deep level of feedback from educators, plus teachers can intervene earlier and help students to address arising issues. Teachers can analyse multiple students’ performance easily.

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