Healthcare Software
Development Services

Operational inefficiencies, frustrated patients, and excessive paperwork are some of the biggest problems in healthcare. At A-dev, we understand the industry’s challenges.

We provide cost-effective healthcare software development to companies looking for an experienced partner to build software while meeting compliance requirements.

We Build Software Solutions
for Healthcare Organisations

Our clients are individual entrepreneurs and organisations who apply technology to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare. We help them develop digital solutions for health monitoring, treatment, and service delivery.

Clinics & Hospitals
Care Providers
Health Insurers
Medical Device
Digital Health

Healthcare Software
Development Services

Our clients most often fall into one of the two categories: those who are interested in building a custom healthcare software solution from scratch and those who need to integrate new functionality into their current system. We tailor our offerings for both cases providing professional software development teams with the required skillsets.

Develop a Custom
Healthcare Software Solution

If you're looking to build a new healthcare product but lack the right tech talent, we will take care of the entire process of software development. We will analyze the business process that needs to be streamlined with software, deliver technical specifications and recommend needed technology stack. You will get all the required tools and resources to build a ready-to-use product.

Incorporate New Solutions
In to the Existing Workflow

Doctors need information for making decisions. But having to go to multiple systems to get the data to diagnose and prescribe reduces the time they could spend helping patients. If you need to incorporate a new solution into the existing workflow, we can integrate it with installed systems through their APIs. This way you will improve doctor productivity and the quality of healthcare.

Custom Healthcare Software Solutions We Develop

There are two critical ways in which technology impacts healthcare: it increases the efficiency and performance of the healthcare delivery systems, and it gets people to adopt healthier behaviors thus improving health outcomes. We've built software that delivers both of these values.

Streamline the day-to-day financial and administrative operationsPractice Management Software Capture and store patient health information in adigital formatElectronic Health Record (EHR) SoftwareGive patients access to their personal health informationfrom anywherePatient PortalReduce patients' waiting time letting them bookappointments onlineAppointment Scheduling SoftwareAutomate medical billing and claimsprocessing workflowMedical Billing Software Send prescription information to a pharmacy electronicallyePrescribingAttract more patients with the implementation of online consultationsTelehealth Serve people around the world by selling pharmaceuticals or medical products onlineEcommerce SolutionsAutomate workflows, maintain compliance, and handle all company recordsHealth Insurance ManagementDesign a user-friendly website for your hospital or healthcare facilityHealthcare Websites

Mobile Apps for Healthcare

With mobile technology, people have the power to access anything from anywhere, and this makes it an ultimate tool for healthcare. We understand what benefits mHealth can bring to your users – patients, doctors, or medical professionals – and help turn your idea into a much-needed solution.

Remote Patient Monitoring
Medical Condition Management
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Doctor on Demand
Mental Health

Take care of your patients 24/7 by remotely analyzing their real-time health conditions.

Educate people about their symptoms and let them access treatment information.

Make it easier for patients to manage their chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Help people develop healthy eating habits and lose weight.

Connect patients with medical professionals for on-demand and scheduled visits.

Help people overcome depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.

Recent Case Studies

Check out our recent case studies to learn more about the work we've done.

How We Work

Engaging with an outsourcing vendor can be risky. You may lose control of your project and pay higher-than-expected costs. We eliminate these risks by establishing a transparent process from the first days of our collaboration.

Continuous Integration System

Ou software meets HIPAA and GDPR requirements, supports data exchange standards, such as HL7 and FHIR, and implements OWASP requirements.

Clear Communication Paths

Starting from day one, the roles at the project are well-defined and everyone knows who handles what.

Definition of Done

Our team uses the Definition of Done as a checklist before they complete a task. This helps meet our clients' expectations.

Security and Compliance

CI is needed to speed up the software delivery process and improve the quality of each build with minimal effort.

Discuss Your Project with Our
Healthcare App Developers

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