Broker Bot

Web-based real estate all-in-one solution for brokers and property managers


Project Overview

The Broker Bot is a web-based real estate management solution which is used as a communication and management platform for property market participants.

This all-in-one solution offers a vast variety of features to help manage a database of properties, owners and tenants, as well as streamline tasks, view reports, maximise revenue and improve the client experience.


Story Behind

Our client is a real estate company who employ more than 550 brokers and have large customer equity. For brokers, the process of searching for information related to a particular deal among numerous documents and contracts was time-consuming and inconvenient. The problem arose as the company stored data as shared resources in PDF formats, and didn’t have robust real estate management software.

The primary issue was the inability to track the quality of a broker’s work due to the lack of a follow-up system. After analysing the effectiveness of the company’s business processes, our client decided to create a web management application to offer fully automated control of all company operations.

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Before our intervention, the client an ineffective system of manually managing and tracking each broker’s workflow. Therefore, our main task was to create a comprehensive management all-in-one solution.

The client's initial requirement was to achieve the automation of core business processes; to handle the property, tenant and owner database, accounting, customer relationship management and provide a work order management system. Another requirement was to integrate the existing storage of large documents in PDF format into the application database without data loss.

Processing Large PDF DocumentsBusiness Processes Control Auto-ReportingManagement Database UpdatingBilling and Payment System


Pulling together all demands, we have highlighted the main objectives as follows:

  • to provide control of business processes and employees throughout the deal cycle, including management mechanisms and automatic reporting;
  • to carry out rapid processing and analysis of large PDF documents for seamless searching;
  • to continuously update and manage the property, owner and tenant database;
  • to integrate a robust billing and payment system.


To implement the control of the brokers' workflow, as well as the automation of core business processes, we created a management all-in-one solution which provides the following features:

Contact and Document Management
Transaction Management
Billing and Payment Processing
Database Updating
Follow-up System

Document Management

Determination of Eligible Realty Options

We provided the alignment of the existing real estate options with tenant preferences and requirements. We performed the parsing and integration of the existing documents in PDF format into the database. All documents and files related to the owners, property and tenants are interlinked, well recorded in separate profiles and easy to track.

As a result, the web application can, in just a few seconds, generate matched realty options. This allows brokers to centralise document management, allowing them to reach the negotiation stage more quickly.


Property Profile

The property profile contains detailed information about the objects of real estate, such as:

  • lease features and term
  • payment methods
  • photo gallery
  • property location
  • rooms, storey and views
  • amenities and services

The opportunity to track property on google maps and fill in a large amount of detailed information about the property allows brokers to eliminate misunderstandings in the negotiation process with customers and accelerates the process of selecting the most suitable option.


Owner Profile

Property owner profiles contain documents and contact information for automatic reporting, in case of a successful transaction or notification of intermediate results.

The profile describes the main requirements of property owners, including the lease details and desired prospective tenant information. Also, there is a description of the owner’s characteristics, as well as an area for a brokers personal notes, allowing for the assessment of the quality and reliability of the owner, which can be useful for further cooperation.


Tenant Profile

Tenant profiles are created and filled for brokers to assess the reliability of their cooperation, as well as to determine eligible realty options. The tenant profile contains the following information:

  • contact information and documents
  • tenant requirements and preferences
  • real estate search history
  • reviews of previous landlords
  • the history of overdue and timely payments
  • behaviour description and complaints in the last lease
SummaryLandlord ReferencesWilliam 75 2064 0545APPLIED ON 09/12/20194-6 Sussex Pl, Paddington, London W2 2TP, UKMove-in4/22/19PetsYesSmokingNoView Their References54 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7AW, UKRoger Gill+44 75 7065 5652gillbusiness@gmail.comIncome322,000pay.stub.pdfAttachmentsdrivers.jpg

Transaction Management

The contract and transaction management feature includes:

  • automated audit and storage of contracts
  • tasks management
  • e-signing of contracts
  • filling out contracts through the synchronisation of property, owner and tenant profiles
  • contract scanning repository for the detection of errors
  • auto-notifications and alerts

These features allow brokers to exclude paperwork, reduce the time spent filling out documents and collecting the signatures of all parties relevant to a contract, which speeds up the transition of deals to closing status.

Billing and Payment Processing

This broad and reliable functionality provides the real estate company with the possibility of simple accounting. The real estate company is supported by an efficient, transparent and reliable accounting system which simplifies the audit process, reduces time spent generating reports and ensures deadlines are met.

Forecasting Commissions in Each Transaction
Rental Payment Reminders
Monthly Billing
Calculation of the Leasing Costs
General Ledger Audit
Auto Reporting

Database Updating

Sending Surveyto OwnerConfirmsFilling by OwnerDatabase Auto-Updating

The real estate industry has a high transaction velocity, so data loses relevance constantly. In cases where outdated or incomplete documents about real estate objects are found in the database, we have provided a feature to automatically send a survey to the property owners email address to update and supplement documents.

After a survey is returned by the owner, the data is integrated into the database and, at the same time, brokers are notified about the update to ensure the immediate processing of received data.


Follow-Up System

This tab is intended for the top management of the real estate company. It can receive various reports and analytics at once, which allows managers to measure the performance of each broker and track the effectiveness of sales processes.

For clarity, the follow-up system allows you to create various graphs on key performance indicators (KPI). The all-in-one management solution provides unprecedented levels of management control through permission and approval structures based on parties and roles.











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Google Maps API



Scope of Work

hours ofdevelopment2400
1 Project Manager
1 Web Developer
1 Frontend Developer
1 UI/UX Designer
Quality Assurance Team
brokerbot.comThe broker spends 20 minutes for manualsearching on 1 suitable option
Broker BotBrokers spend only 2 minutes for finding at least 10 suitable options

The Result

After the implementation of the all-in-one management solution, the company analysed the effectiveness of their workflow. Currently, brokers spend only 2 minutes finding at least 10 suitable options, instead of the previous 20 minutes for 1 suitable real estate option. The average number of closed deals by one broker increased from 12 to 40 deals per month.

Top management can easily manage and monitor core business processes, from routine brokers tasks to automatic accounting and auditing of all financial activities.

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