Belle Renta

Mobile and web application created to estimate the profit from leasing or selling the property

Belle Renta is a mobile and web application, created by French entrepreneurs, to help property owners to get the greatest benefit from a deal. It allows proprietors and real estate agencies to estimate the profit from leasing or selling the property, calculating its rate of return.

Story Behind

Due to increasing activity in the French real estate market, our clients decided to develop software to give quick information about the rate of return of property for sale.

As they have never tackled similar projects before, they entrusted us with software development to turn their idea into reality. So, it was our responsibility to offer convenient development technology and suitable design options to help the idea succeed.


At the beginning of our collaboration, our client had a raw idea that supposed only calculating a property’s rate of return. Since one feature is not enough to attract clients, it was necessary to form and develop a list of core features to satisfy early customers.

The biggest challenge was to develop and implement accurate formulas to provide users with ready-to-print, correct calculation results, as far as possible - this was a clear need due to the increasing competition in the market. Belle Renta had to beat the competition providing the clearest and most detailed outcome.

Summarising all of the above, we highlighted the scope of work:

To create a Minimum Viable Product to attract and satisfy early customers;
To provide clearly thought out and accurate formulas for calculations

A web app with featuresfor different user rolesThe PDF rendering with all the calculations Extended website functionalityAdministrator panel for management purposesFree access to the part of website functionality0102030405

Minimum Viable Product

Together with the client, we developed a list of core features which were needed to attract the first customers - this was done to ensure market survival for Belle Renta. After rolling out these key features, we were going to extend the functionality to develop a single real estate base for the French market.

Belle Renta Architecture

Server sideCore logicMS SQL ServerDataBelle Renta Client sideWeb siteAngular HTML 5 CSS 3Mobile ApplicationAndroidiOSXamarinExternal ServicesFacebook AuthGoogle AuthAzure Service Fabric

Improving Calculations

We then determined how different factors affect the profitability of real estate. As Belle Renta calculates both common factors and more specific details, we relied on the expertise of our analysts.

They determined the specific value of each factor, analysing how they influence the property price, so that we were able to develop the most accurate formulas possible.


Data Visualisation Tools

  • Fast. It was crucial to make the charts generate simultaneously with a ready- to-print document. As they are generated in only 7 seconds, they perfectly met our requirements.
  • Suit all devices. As the premium users can use the application through a mobile phone, the charts and bars had to be displayed equally well on every device.
  • Easily adapted to our design. We created a custom design for Belle Renta, therefore the visualisation tools had to coincide with the holistic design.
800 ‎€700 ‎€600 ‎€500 ‎€400 ‎€1234567891011121314151617181920Cashflow net d'impôt

Scope of Work

hours ofdevelopment700
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Full-stack Developer
  • 1 QA Engineer


Bootstrap 4 Angular 6FacebookTypescriptGoogle AuthorisationCordova 8jQueryHTML 5CSS 3

The Result

As a result of our development process, our client received an application which helps French entrepreneurs to evaluate a property in the most efficient way.

The product met all their requirements and we managed to bring the raw idea to life, with the possibility of its further improvement.

3 user roles available in the app
7 types of results received by the user, after calculations
2 seconds to display the results
2 types of data visualisation tools were used

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